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The personal page is for sundial makers who have made sundials, without payment, for themselves, their friends for charities, or for organisations they belong to. If you are in this category, we welcome up to 400 words of text about your activities. This can include links to pictures of your sundials elsewhere on the Internet, such as in your personal web space.

If you feel you would like to make a contribution to "Sundials on the Internet" which will hep us to expand our information and educational activities, please send a cheque for 25/ Euro40 or $US$40 to "Sundials on the Internet", POBox292, Epsom KT17 4LQ, England - this is entirely voluntary , but would be much appreciated.

If you make sundials for payment, you are NOT eligible for an entry on the Personals page, but we would welcome your entry on the sundial makers page. This is FREE for the first year - see makers application form

To send us your personals entry, please send an Email to with the following 5 points:
  • 1. Your name
  • 2. Your E-mail address (optional)
  • 3. Up to 400 wods of text, exactly as you want it to appear in your entry
    These items will all appear on your entry.
  • 4. Your full postal address, including postcode - this will NOT appear on your entry
  • 5. The statement "I confirm that I do not design or make sundials for payment and I would like a free entry on your personals page"

Note: Please do NOT send us any image files. If you want images to appear on your personal page, you should include a link to the image on your personal webspace. If you do this, remember to tell us if the picture is removed or deleted - any dead links have to be removed.

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