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Piers Nicholson's personal page

My web page shows some of my early sundials. One was a south facing dial done for a "mini-tower" which had sundials on north, south, east, and west faces, with two more, facing south-east and south-west, on top.

And this is the east facing dial from the same mini-tower. The north-facing one (not shown here)was a dragonfly with the hour lines along the edges of its wings, and the west facing one was a swimming pool with the hour lines formed by the steps into it. This willow-leaf pattern sundial was made for a house in Flixton And this one for a house near London

Last summer, I designed and helped to build a large sundial with a 6 metre stainless steel gnomon on the Witham cycle path in Lincoln (shown below), and this spring another similar one is planned for the watermeadows in Chippenham. I am also currently designing a sundial for the Tylers and Bricklayers Company of the City of London.

Brief biographical note: I am Managing Director of a company specialising in market reports on metals and minerals, and developed an interest in the Internet to cater for their needs. I have been on the Council of the British Sundial Society for many years, and was responsible for setting up their Awards Scheme. I am the Webmaster of Sundials on the Internet at, Epsom and Ewell on the Internet at, and a number of other websites
Piers Nicholson

Phil Walker's personal web pages
A selection of sundial photographs

Francois Blateyron's personal page
offers a lot of sundial pictures, from Paris and Besanšon. This site is bilingual French and English

Giovanni Bellina's home page

My name is GIOVANNI BELLINA and my my e-mail

I make sundials for educational and school, and restore the ancient sundials of Sicily.

My postal address :
Giovanni Bellina -
scuola elementare Paolo Vetri-
via delle Palme
97100 RAGUSA

Ken Struven 2 Forest Lane San Carlos, CA 94070

Our web site is about the vertical sundial on the South facing wall of our home at 2 Forest Lane, San Carlos, California. For those not familiar with this region, San Carlos is approximately 25 miles south of San Francisco. It was installed Easter Sunday, April 4, 1999. The site also contains "Visiting Sundials of the Moment" mostly from California. The Visiting dials are updated periodically.

I've been interested in sundials for a long time, but I've never undertaken a project this large before. This sundial has been a labor of love for approximately 1 1/2 years. Some of the time was spent developing the equations to create the sundial. Some of the effort involved determining the precise angle of the wall off of south. This required taking noon observations and using trig to determine the precise angle of a shadow relative to the perpendicular of the wall. Creation of a foam core model to check the accuracy and appearance also took a great deal of time. The majority of the time though was spent building the sundial.

The TWO FOREST LANE SUNDIAL is a 4' x 6' vertical declining dial that is mounted near the peak of the roof on the Southeast facing wall of our home. This position allows the dial to be visible from the street passing by the end of our home. When viewed from this street, the closest viewing distance is approximately 30 feet away and the opposite side of the street makes for a viewing distance of approximately 55 feet. This dial may routinely be read to within a minute or two of the actual time.

I believe this type of sundial is extremely rare in this part of the United States. I hope you enjoy visiting the 2 FOREST LANE SUNDIAL WEBSITE!

ilkka kallasmaa sends greetings from Finland. "I dont know does this interest you, but i studied design and my major was stone. as my final work at school i made a sundial which main material is stone and the goal was to design a sundial which could be placed anywhere in finland and could be made as a small industrial production (sorry my lousy english) I made a little web page also (in finnish):

"OzSundials - Oblique Equatorial Sundial by David Pratten"

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