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Sundials on the Internet

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If you make sundials commercially, we offer a FREE entry on the makers page of "Sundials on the Internet" for 12 months. After that, we ask you to pay 25 a year. Please fill in the appication form at the foot of this page.
Your free entry consists of:
Your name and address
Up to 5 lines of description about what you do.
If you want your telephone or fax numbers, Email address or www.address, you should subscribe to the Sunfair. Please see our Sunfair application form

If you are a maker of sundials, but do not make them commercially, and would like an entry on "Sundials on the Internet", we offer a FREE text entry on our Personal page. These pages can include links to pictures of your sundials held on your own home pages. Please see our Personals application form

These fields are all required, and will appear in your entry

Name or Organisation name




up to 5 lines of text

This field is required in case we have any queries
It will appear in your entry if you have an entry on the Sunfair page
or if you mail us a cheque for 25, $40 for carrying this Email address for one year

E-mail address

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Phone Number

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This field is for any comments you want to pass on to us


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