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Results of our competition for new sundial trials

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9 dials were submitted for the 2001 Sundial Trails competition, which closed on 21st October 2001. They were

The winning entry, with an average mark of 8, was the City of London sundial trail contributed by Katherine Hallgarten and colleagues.

Three other trails obtained an average mark of 7 or more, and are highly commended. These are:
  • Gorlitz, Germany
  • Rupelsmonde, Flanders
  • Hampshire seaports, UK

The remaining 5 entries are very useful additions to the collection, and will also be much appreciated by people living in, or visiting, the localities concerned. Thank you to all those who entered the competition.

The judges were asked to award up to 5 marks in each of two sections:
a: Are the dials interesting/ does the trail sound interesting
b. How clear are the directions/ how confident would I be in finding the dials

Among the points made by the judges were::
  • * This year's competition was more difficult to judge because there was not a clear winner (as was the Guernsey sundial trail in last year's competition, which was quite outstanding)
  • * trails are made less interesting if they include dials which are dull or in poor condition
  • * there should not be too many dials in a trail - 8 is probably the most for a day
  • * it is a great help to have a map on the page, and also to have some idea of distances or times between each dial.
  • * It is helpful if the images can be expanded to full size
  • * If trails do not have detailed map references for each dial, they should give the full latitude and longitude for each.
  • * Trails are much easier to use if they are complete in themselves and do not require infomration to be obtained from external sites
  • * It is useful if the travel directions are differentiated in some way (eg by italics) from the description of the dials.

These points will be taken into account in a revision of the guidance given to competitors in the next competition

Would you like to write a sundial trail for the next competition. We now have trails from all over the world, but we would welcome more, and will give full attribution to the author, as well as a chance of winning the 2001 prize. In any case, you will get the reward of knowing that you have helped others with an interest in sundials to have a good trip seeing some interesting dials which they would otherwise have had great difficulty in finding.

A list of all our sundial trails is given on our home page as well as on our our sunlist.htm page which also gives the competition rules

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