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Rupelmonde sundial trail


Rupelmonde is a Flemish village situated on the left bank of the Schelderiver, opposite the mouth of the Rupel. At this confluence, where the effluent water of Flanders mixes with those of Brabant and Limburg is mixed, Gerardus Mercator was born on the 12th of March, 1512.

Rupelmonde once was a Roman settlement, later on it became a medieval town and now, after the municipal mergers, it is part of the city of Kruibeke.

The village is an ocean of peace, no traffic roars past and in this oasis of silence you can easily forget time. But since the commemoration of the fourhundredth anniversary of Mercator's decease in 1994, time will never stop in Rupelmonde anymore: the town has been bestrewn with sundials which indicate the advancing time without mercy.

Some of them will be presented here.

There are 23 sundials in Rupelmonde, more information can be obtained at Tourist Office

Pictures of the sundials in Rupelmonde