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Results of our competition for new sundial trials, 2000

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We had 5 entries in our competition, all of a high standard, and all very valuable to visitors to these areas who want to see some good sundials, with precise directions for how to find them. The entries submitted were (in alphabetical order)
  1. the Cotswold sundial trail in Western England
  2. the sundial trail for Finiatere in Western France
  3. the sundial trail for Guernsey in the Channel Islands
  4. the sundial trail for Malta
  5. the Test Valley sundial trail in Hampshire, England

The judges were impressed with the quality of all the entries in our competition for the year 2000; this did not make the judging easy!

We based our judgements on how useful we felt the trails would be to people planning an itinerary in that locality, and in particular: why are the dials interesting? how clear are the directions? how confident will I be that I can find all the dials? how long will it take

We did not take into account the number of dials, since a trail with 3 interesting dials in a locality which has no more may be quite as interesting as a trail with many more dials. And we did not take into account the number of illustrations, since good, clear, interesting trails can be produced with them.

Based on these criteria our judges unanimously considered the Guernsey sundial trail to be the winner.

One of our judges wrote
"A clear winner is the Guernsey trail. It gives a good overview, the total distance to be travelled, and practical advice for methods of transport and the time to be allocated. The locations for the dials are specified in no less than three 'notations' - a local map, the Guernsey grid, and lat/long to a precision that allows for a portable GPS receiver. In addition, the road directions are clear and unambiguous. 17 dials and most illustrated."

The other sundial trails were also rated very highly by the judges. The enthusiasm of the Finistere trail was infectious, and we enjoyed the insight into the sundials of Malta. The Cotswold trail would clearly make an interesting day out, and the Hampshire trail was particularly easy to find one's way around. So all of these were highly commended.

The competition prize of $100 will be presented to David and Dorothy Le Conte at the BSS Annual Conference in York at the end of April 2001

Would you like to write a sundial trail for the next competition. We now have trails from all over the world, but we would welcome more, and will give full attribution to the author, as well as a chance of winning the 2001 prize. In any case, you will get the reward of knowing that you have helped others with an interest in sundials to have a good trip seeing some interesting dials which they would otherwise have had great difficulty in finding.

A list of all our sundial trails is given on our home page as well as on our our sunlist.htm page which also gives the competition rules

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