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The Bulletin of the British Sundial Society

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Bulletin Volume 13(i) March 2001

2 Editorial
3. Brief History of the Measurement of Time - Harriet Wynter
9. The Horniman Museum Reflective Ceiling Dial Roy Ashley & John Moir
13. Kngs College Chapel Sundial, Aberdeen - John S Reid
15. What's the Angle A Capon
16. The Pembroke College Wall Dial Frank King
22. Newbury 2000 - A Grand Day OUt John Moir & Peter Ransom
25. Book Review
25. The Glossary and the Gnomonic Novice AF Baigent
26. Journal Review
28. CD - ROM Review
30. Readers Letters
32. An Easily Made Horizontal Garden Sundial - Allan A. Mills
34. Dial Dealings Mike Cowham
38. A Mosaic Sundial for Ebrington, Glos - simon Fry
41. Millennium Sundials for Nottinghamshire Schools - Donald J Bush
42. The Universal Equinotial Sundial, the BSS Emblem - Margaret Staier
44. Obituary: Peter Lamont

Bulletin Volume 12(iii) October 2000

106. Editorial
107. The Genesis of the Tyles and Bricklayers Sudial - Piers Nicholson
109 Medieval Monastic Sudials with Six Sectors: an Investigation into their origina and meaning - Mario Arnaldi
115. Photographing Sundials - Andrew James
120. The Conference at Cirencester, March 31- April 2, 2000
121. BSS Annual Genral Meeting 2000
124. Summary of the 1999 accounts - Gerald Stancey
125. Sundials for the year 2000 AD
129. The Brtish Sundial Society in Scotland 3 -11 June 2000 - Frank Evans
133. Readers letters
137. Some "Awards 2000" sundials
142. Backwards motion of the shadow on a sundial Allan A. Mills
149. The Gatty Family part II: The Book of Sun-Dials
154. British Sundial Society price list
155. Guidelines for contributors
156. BSS Bulletin 2000 - contents

Bulletin Volume 12(ii) June 2000

53. Editorial
55. A Sundial for Christ Church, Oxford, based on a dial by Nicholas Kratzer - David M. Brown
59. The Making of the Christ Church Sundial - David M. Brown
64. Graeco-Roman Sundials, part II: conical and other forms - Allan A Mills
70. The Noon Day Stone at St. Martin's Church, Horsley, Glos - Tony Wood
72. Private Sundials - Margaret Stanier
73. Some Msss Dials in Normandy - John Lester
76. The Gatty Family - part 1 - Mike Cowham
81. The BSS Awards Scheme
84. James Gregory's Meridian Line at St. Andrews University, 1673 -
John Anson
86. Cambridge Sundials Old and New: Lecture Report
87. Readers letters
88. Book Review: The Sun in the Church
90. Photographing the solar eclipse in Blugaria - 11 Aug 99 - Robert Sylvester
91. Notes from the Editor
91. The Search for Pre-Saxon Sundials - John Wall
96. Dial Dealings - - Mike Cowham
99. Photographing Mass Dials - Tony Wood
101 An Educational Heliochronomoter - Andree Chorkiewicz
103 A Portable Analemmatic Dial John Singleton

Bulletin Volume 12(i) February 2000

2. Editorial - Margaret Stanier
3. Graeco-Roman sundials, [art 1: Dials based on the sphere - Allan A. Mills
11. Railway time I> - John Wall
12. Bowl dials - A Compariison in depth - John Moir
15. A Solar Eclipse seen on a reflected ceiling dial - Paul Rainey
16. A Meridian Line in Normandy - John Lester
17. Two sundials in Austra;oa
19. THE MASS DIAL AT SOUTHWELL, 17th - 19th SEPTEMBER - John Lester
20. A Remote reading sundial - David Young
22. Dial dealings - Mike Cowham
26. Editors notes and reader's letters
29. Sundials at New College Oxford - Harriet James
32. Two Early 18th century sundials restored at Richmond Yorkshire - Alan Smith
35. Sundials in Anglo-Saxon England part 4, the late period - Aldbough and Orpington - David Scott
39. Book Reviews
41. Journal reviews
42. A Visit to Farnborough Noom Sundial - John Ingram
44. The total eclipse of the sun as seen form Bulgaris, 11th August 1999: A personal account - Robert Sylvester
45. A Trip to the N.A.S.S.Conference at Hartfromd CT, U.S.A. 1999 - Tony Moss
47. David Young bows out
48. The Downside ConnerctionI> - Jane Walker
49. Albert and the Equation of Time - Colin McVean
51. A Horizontal dial with Equartion of time buit in - John Singleton
52. Quotations

Bulletin Volume11(iii) October 1999

106. Editorial
107. The sundial of St Mary's Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey -K.H.Head
108. Two sundials in Andover, Hampshire -Peter Ransom
111. Dial Dealings -Mike Cowham
115. A Design for a horizontal sundial adjustable by rotation around a polar axis -Alexander C. Scott
118. The Sunrise line -John Wall
120. Book Review
121. Journal Review
122. Sundials in Anglo Saxon England part3, The Middle Period -Darlington and Pittington
128. Reader's letters
131. Notes from the Editor
132. Sun, Moon and Starts Time Measurement at sea -Professor David Waters
133. Cake & Balloons at Newbury: Report of the Newbury meeting, 22 May 1999 -John Moir & Peter Ransom
135. Millennium Fever -From our own Correspondent
136. A Noondial for schools
137. Dunchurch 1999: Tenth Anniversary Conference
139. Old sundials on the territory of former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia -Milutin Tadic
142. B.S.S. Northumbrian sundial meeting -Gerald Stancey
144. A lightweight laser Trigon for layout of sundial lines -John Davis
146. Lasercut sundials for walls and windows -John Ward & Margaret Folkard
148. La Meridiana A Millennium Project -Mark Lennox-Boyd
152. Tenth Anniversary Conference photo
154. News from Italy
155. Guidelines for contributors
156. BSS Bulletin 1999, Contents

Bulletin Volume 11 (ii) June 1999

54 - Editorial
55- A Meridian Dial in a Subscription Library, Nottingham, by Douglas A. Bateman
62- Noon Marks and the projection of the Analemma, with some new versions of these old instruments, by Allan A. Mills
70- Putting the Shepherd's Dyal on the map, by John Moir
72- Dial Dealings, by Mike Cowham
76- China Sundials, by Peter Ransome
77- Satellites and Sundials, by John Davis
81- Readers' Letters
82- Editor's Notes
83- Sundials in Anglo-Saxon England: Part 2, The early period- Escomb and Corhampton, by David Scott
87- The Scaphe of Carthage, by Paul Gagnaire
91- Sundials on the Internet - The first three years, by Piers Nicholson
92- Sundials by Francis Barker & Son, by David J. Boullin
96- Vertical Dials - A method of estimating their declination, by David Young
98- Restoration of a vertical East Declining sundial, by Mike Cowham
99- Lieut. Commander Richard Andrewes, by D. A. Y.
An obituary
100- Some early sundials of Northumbria, by Frank & Rosemary Evans
104- Derivations, by K. H. Head

Bulletin Volume 11 (i) February 1999

2 - Editorial
3 - Memento Mori, by Alan Smith
4- The Gnomon of the North: A new dial for Whitley Bay, by Frank Evans
Sundials in Anglo-Saxon England, by David Scott
8- A Berhardt sundial in Israel, by M.D.J. Isaacs
9- Astro-Compass or Heliochronometer, by Maurice J. Kenn
10- Life with a Heliochronometer, by Ann Colville
11- A taste of Italy, by John Ingram
12- Surprises at Heavens Gate, by Michael Carden
14- A conical sundial: Review of 2 offprints
16- Ten Years Ago
18- The Blazefield Sundial - designed and created by D.J. Bush and P.H. Rack 1997
19- The altitude sundials of Humphrey Cole, by Denys Vaughan
23- The Holehird heliochronometer, by Graham Aldred
25- Glass Sundials, by Allan A. Mills
26- Colour Plates
28- Glass Sundials - continued
30- Dial Dealings, by Mike Cowham
33- Editor's Notes
Readers' Letters
37- The Sundial Clock, by Pat Briggs
38- Three Sundials in Serbia, by Dr. Milutin Tadic
40- Shadowy Secrets: The lure of the obscure (Part 2), by John Moir
44- New for 1999
Combined subscriptions for the BSS and NASS
45- Grand Auction 1999
1st May 1999
46- Northamptonshire, by Frank Coe
47- Journal Review
48- Hemicyclium: Ratae, by A. A. Mills
Snippets, by Colin McVean
49- Scottish Lighthouse Sundials
A Fixed Pillar Dial, by John Singleton
51- Sundial Photographs
52- Sundial Photographs

Bulletin 98.3 Oct 1998

2 - Editorial
3 - Shadowy Secrets: The lure of the obscure (Part 1), by John Moir
6- The Mass Dial group in East Anglia, by Margaret Stanier
8- Helios XXII, by Barry Mason
A model of an architectural structure including a reflective dial
9- Restoration and Conservation
10- The Newbury Meeting 20 June 1998, by John Moir & Peter Ransome
12- Analysis of the sundials on the Tower of the Winds, Athens: Possible parameters used in construction, by Manfred Huttig
16- Time's Tune on a liquid ambar leaf, by R.P.M. Holliday
18- Obituary: Charles Kenneth Aked (1921 - 1998)
20- Mass Dials in Ireland, by Andrew J. Ogden
21- Editor's Notes: Readers' Letters
24- International Sundial Symposium
in Genk, Belgium, 20 June 1998
27- Gregory: The Gipsy Dial, by A.F. Baigent
30- Shadow clocks and sloping sundials of the Egyptian New Kingdom and Late Period: Usage, Development and structure, by Sarah Symons
37- Sundials: the silent voice of time, by Milutin Tadic
38- Reviews: Offprints
40- Journal Review
41- Book Reviews
42- Dial Dealings, by Mike Cowham
44- Cross-Beam Ciphers, by Karlheinz Schaldach
50- 1998 Conference at Dunchurch Lodge Photograph

Bulletin 98.2 June 1998

2 - Editorial
3 - New,Old & Problematic Dials in Varenna, Italy, by Graham V. Lobley
4- Ancient Egyptian Shadow Clocks, by Denis Schneider
8- Charles K. Aked, Founder Member
An obituary
9- A Sundial at Windsor Castle, by Jane Walker
11- Almost dials and useless dials
12- A twist on the helix dial, by Gary Rolfe
14- Da Buti, Dante and the measure of time, by Mario Arnaldi
16- Bernhardt dials
18- Gnomonic bibliographies, by Charles K. Aked
21- ' Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae' The incredible sundials of Athanasius Kircher, by Nicola Severino
26 - Conservation: The restoration of sundials, some necessary questions, by Christopher St.J. Daniel
32- Dials dealings, by Mike Cowham
33- BSS Awards Scheme 2000
A competition for the best dials made since 1995
34 - Readers Letters
37- A test table for horizontal dials, by John Davis
38- Reclining and declining dials, by John Singleton
40- The Hemispherium or Dial of Berosus in Anna Liffey Garden, Lucan, Co. Dublin, by Dick Shackleton
41- Two scratch dials and two modern dials in Hungary, by Lajos Bartha
43- Editor's notes
44- Journal Review, by Margaret Stanier; Book Review, by John Moir & David Young
45- Obituary: Professor Philip Adams
46- BSS Conference, Dunchurch Lodge 1-3 May, 1998
49- The sundial pages of Hutton's 'Recreations', by Peter Ransome

Bulletin 98.1 February 1998

2 - Editorial
3 - The Sellotape Sundial, by Allan A Mills
10 - Sun Compass based on an artefact found at Uunartoq Fjord, Greenland, by Margaret Folkard & John Ward with introduction by Margaret Stanier
13 - A cushion sundial, by Nicola Severino
14 - Dunchurch Lodge and the heliochronometer, by Graham Aldred
16 - Book review
18 - Journal Reviews, by Charles K Aked
19 - The Poulton Hall Sundial, by J Mike Shaw
21 - A Golden Wedding dial
22 - Sundials painted in the cloister of an Italian Monastery, by Mario Arnaldi
26 - Analemmatic dial with a fixed gnomon, by John Singleton
26 - A 19th century vernacular horizontal sundial from outback Australia, by John Pickard
30 - Reflecting sundials, by CM Lowne
36 - Four Meridian Lines in Rome, by Nicoletta Lanciano
39 - Readers Letters
42 - Editors Notes
43 - Dial dealings, by Mike Cowham
46 - A plea for a new look at Roman portable dials, by Karlheinz Schaldach
51 - On the book of dials
52 - Guidelines for contributors

BSS Bulletin number 97.3 - 1997

1 - Editorial
2 - The Zodiac, by Colin McVean
3 - Sundials in Israel, by Shaul Adam
7 - Two Poems, by Frank Poller & Harriett Winter
9 - QBasic Sundial Programs SUNDL1, 2 and 3, by PA Lamont
10 - When the Sun Shines, by John Davis
12 - A new analemmic sundial in Istanbul, by Stuart RC Malin
13 - The Floating Gnomon, by EGA Marianeshi and N Severino
15 - Window Dial at Apuldram, West Sussex, by RA Nicholls and CM Lowne
18 - DIY dialling scales, by GN Thorne
20 - The angel of Chartres, by Charles K Aked
22 - Telling the time by cardboard, by David J Bouillon
24 - Meridian Lines (the Andrew Somerville Memorial Lecture) by Charles K Aked
29 - Readers Letters
32 - "I am a sundial" by Christopher StJH Daniel
33 - Charles Aked, Founding Father, First Editor, and Vice President, by the Chairman
34 - Sundial in Pajala, Sweden by Dr. GB Townsend
35 - Book Reviews by Charles K Aked
36 - Journal Reviews by Charles K Aked
37 - Dials of Bonar, by Gordon E Taylor
38 - A sundial dedicated to James Taylor, by E Vilaplana and P Gagnaire
40 - De Boerenring by Fer J de Vries
43 - The Guernsey Liberation Monument by David O Le Conte
50 - Diallists Crossword, by John Singleton
51 - Invitation from France. Advertising in BSS Publications
52 - Sundials and Sun at Newbury, by Margaret Stanier
53 - A new sundial for Christ Church, Oxford, by Margaret Stanier
54 - BSS Conference at Newton Rigg, Penrith - May 1997 by Robert B Sylvester

BSS Bulletin number 97.2 - April 1997

1 - Editorial
2 - Portable dials: starting a collection, by John Moore
6 - Book Review
8 - BSS Northern Ireland Tour, by David Young
10 - Mass Dials in the Vale of the White Horse, by Margaret Stanier
11 - An analysis of some Mass Dials of Sussex and Kent, by CM Lowne
17 - A story of naturalised Dutch twins, by ThJJ van den Keiligenberg
24 - Altitude Dials at extreme latitudes, by Colin Thorne
29 - Sundials at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Key, by Allan J Mills
33 - Sundials on the Internet by Piers Nicholson
34 - Restoration of an 18th century vertical sundial, by Alan Smith
37 - Walker, Fecit, Dublin, by CJ Thorne
38 - Profile, Joanna Migdal
40 - In Arthur Mee's Footsteps, by John R. Davis
45 - Sundial Supporters - Part II, by Roger Bowling
47 - Opusculum of Dialling References
48 - The Pelginum, by Nicola Severino
51 - Queen's College Sundial, by Charles K Aked
53 - Moving a reclining equiangular sundial to another site, by BD Yallop
54 - Change of Editor
56 - Vade-Mecum Gnomoniste, by Peter Lamont
56 - Book Review
57 - Readers Letters
59 - Dialogue

BSS Bulletin number 97.1 - January 1997

1 - Editorial
2 - Samuel Foster of Gresham College, the 1996 Andrew Somerville Memorial Lecture by Frederick W Sawyer III
16 - Portable Dials - Care and Restoration, by John Moore
21 - Umkhonto We Langa Sundials, by PM Holliday
24 - The 1966 Somerset Mass Dial Survey, by John Ingram
25 - Finding the Meridian Line by Meridian Transit, by Rene J Vinck
26 - Destruction by Vines, by Charles K. Aked
34 - Sundial Supporters - Part I, by Roger Bowling
37 - How to Determine Time by Moonlight, by JTRC Schepman
39 - Derbyshire Scratch Dials, by FN Fisher
43 - Sundials based on Lateral Thinking, by Maurice J Kenn
45 - Sundial House, by Charles K Aked
47 - North Declining Vertical Dials Revisited, by Peter J Meadows
48 - Book Reviews
49 - Readers Letters
52 - Dialogue

BSS Bulletin number 96.3 - October 1996

1 - Editorial
2 - Portable Dials - Miscellany, by John Moore
This deals with inclining dials and other types not covered in previous articles. 11 photographs
6 - The Sundial of St. Gregory's Minster, by Charles K Aked
This is a Saxon church from 1055 AD at Kirkdale near Kirkby Moorside, Yorkshire. 8 photographs, 1 diagram.
13 - A Polarized Skylight Sundial, by David Colchester
A simple construction from Polaroid sheets. 4 diagrams.
16 - More Thoughts on Moondials by Dennis Schneider
A detailed explanation of a tricky subject. 6 diagrams.
20 - The Cross Dial at Bramdean, Hampshire by Peter Ransom
A full explanation of one of these unusual dials. 2 diagrams.
21 - Light Display Sundial, by Avraham Avitzour
Linear collimators produce a "hand made of light". 3 photographs, 3 diagrams
22 - The Sundial on a Wet Day: poem, by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)
"I drip, drip here In Atlantic rain,....."
23 - Newbury Meeting May 1995 by James C Slater
6 photographs.
25 - Shepherds' Sundial by CM Lowne
A description of a turf-cut sundial used by Sussex shepherds
26 - Sundial Constructor by David Young
A non-technical description of a new computer program for calculating hour lines
27 - Albert by Colin McVeen
A fictional tale containing some good instruction. 1 daigram.
28 - Dial Makers of Leicestershire by WD Wells
29 - A Tyneside Shipyard Sundial by Charles K Aked
A follow-up to the article in 93.3 - the dial comes up for auction. 7 photographs
32 - Vertical dials of the 5th-15th centuries, by Karlheinz Schaldach
Mass Dials of Europe. 15 photographs, 2 diagrams.
39 - The West Dean College Conference 1996, by Charles K Aked
11 photographs, including the winning sundial in the BSS Sundial Competition
44 - Sundials on Postcards, by PH Ransom
9 photographs
48 - Compendium
49 - Book Review
Faszination Sonnenuhr: Relojeros de Espana y Portugal
50 - Readers Letters
52 - Sundials the Easy Way
A method of laying out sundials using a latitude and hour scale

BSS Bulletin number 96.2 - June 1996

1 - Dialogue: Dutch and Flanders Sundial Societies
2 - Newbury-in-Essex, by Margaret Stanier
A review of a workshop held in May 1996
4 - Dunphail: the making of a Sundial, by Anne Somerville
An account of making a sundial with 35 faces at Dunphail House, Moray, Scotland. 20 photographs.
9 - Bicentenary of the Hydrographic Office, by CStJH Daniel
The Bicentennial sundial designed by CStJH Daniel, and presented by the Master Mariners Company. 2 photographs.
10 - Azimuth Sundials, horizontal and vertical, by Admiral G Fantoni
A detailed explanation of these neglected types of dials. 9 diagrams.
16 - Portable Dials: Accessories, by John Moore
11 photographs.
22 - Simple Sundials Seen on Safari by Maurice J Kenn
11 photographs, of sundials seen in Toronto, Mount Tomah, Sydney, Kirribilli, Mosman, and Singapore.
26 - Meridian Line at Ramsgate, by MR Norris
5 photographs and 2 diagrams.
29 - Looking for Cowper's Sundial, by Frank Poller
3 line drawings
32 - The Sundials of Talmont II, by David J Boullin
5 photographs of cut-out sundials
34 - The King's England
Sundials mentioned in this series of county guides written by Arthur Mee in the 1930s and 1940s. The "old" counties mentioned are: Cheshire, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Durham, Gloucester, Warwickshire and Yorkshire (E, N and W Riding and York)
38 - BSS Annual Conference at Grantley Hall, Ripon, by Robert Sylvester
39 - The Chatham Sundial, by Robert K Mills
A technical description of this sundial (see 96.1 p.16). 2 diagrams
40 - Compendium
42 - Durer's Melancholia I: A Diallist's Dilemma, by PI Drinwater
2 line drawings
44 - The Torquetum by Charles K. Aked
This is one of the instruments in the Holbein painting "The Ambassadors". 1 diagram.
46 - Book Review
Sundials Australia.
47 - Readers Letters
49 - Thomas Hardy's Dial, by RA Nicholls
This dial is at Hardy's house, Max Gate, Dorchester. 4 photographs, 3 drawings
52 - Groomsbridge Placve Gardens, by Charles K Aked
This house near Tunbridge Wells has several sundials in the gardens.

BSS Bulletin number 96.1 - February 1996

1 - In Memoriam - Dr. Marinus Johannes Hagen
2 - Dialogue
4 - The 1995 BSS Conference - Charles K Aked
held at Grantley Hall, Yorkshire. 12 photographs on Yorkshire sundials
9 - Open Book and Conical Dials, by Peter Lamont
8 illustrations of open book sundials
12 - Two Unusual Mass Dials in Dorset, by RA Nicholls and CM Lowe
4 photos and diagrams of dials at Thornford, Dorset
16 - The Shadow of Respect, by CStJH Daniel
2 photographs of the new commemorative vertical sundial on the old post office building in Chatham, Kent unveiled on the 189th anniversary of the death of Lord Nelson.
19 - The Sundials of the Talmont, by David J Boullin
Talmont in the Gironde area of France has 2 sundials and a sundial shop. 6 photos.
21 - Follow the Yellow Book Crowd, by Jane Walker
Description of the BSS tour of Paris in June 1995 and "Cadrans Solaires de Paris"
22 - Sunlight and Shadows, by Allan A Mills
Discussion of the umbra and penumbra cast by the disk of the sun. Photographs of the great equatorial dial at Jaipur, India and the Tower of Chou Kung in China.
28 - Mass Production Dials, by AF Baigent
An account of making 100 sundials for the RSPCA charity. 2 photos
29 - Where is the Sun?, by Gordon E Taylor
The best way of orienting a sundial. Description of the method used to orient the Seven Dials sundial in Covent Garden, London and of a computer program which gives the azimuth and altitude of the sun for any time, date and place to an accuracy of 0.1 deg.
30 - Portable Ring Dial, by Colin J Thorne
Describes a sundial telling the time from the altitude of the sun, not its azimuth. 1 photo
33 - The Story of the Guernsey Liberation Monument
This monument is designed so that the tip of an obelisk exactly follows a line marked by a stone seat 50 metres in length on 9th May, the anniversary of the liberation from occupation in 1945. Diagram.
34 - Refractive Sundials, by Allan A Mills
These sundials have the gnomon immersed in a liquid, usually water. Photographs
36 - The Astrolabe, by Rene R-J Rohr. 6 photographs
Detailed description of the workings of astrolabes, with illustrations.
40 - British Sundial Awards Scheme 1995, by Alan Smith
44 - Book Reviews
45 - Readers Letters
50 - Sundial Mottoes, by Charles K Aked
52 - Swords into Ploughshares, by Michael Hickman

No 95.3 - October 1995

1 - Dialogue
2 - The Ambassadors, by Charles K Aked
12 - Portable Dials - Altitude and Celestial, by John Moore
18 - The Cooke Heliochronometer, by Allan A Mills
19 - Chalice Dials, by Allan A Mills
26 - You Only Live Twice, by R. Vinck
27 - A Large Translucent Equatorial Sundial, by Maurice J Kenn
29 - The Art of Dialling, by John Briggs
33 - North Declining Vertical Dials, by Peter J Meadows
35 - Fundials, by John Lester
37 - Keeping Track of the Sun, by HR Mills
39 - The Life and Times of a Hardy Sundial, by John Moir
41 - The Story of Mrs. Gatty, by David Young
44 - Book Reviews
46 - Readers Letters
48 - Comments on the Canterbury Pendant, by PJ Drinkwater
49 - Henslow's Sketches, by M. Cowham

BSS Bulletin number 95.2 - June 1995

1 - Patrons Appeal - George Higgs Memorial Sundial
2 - Dialogue
4 - Portable Dials - Art and Decoration, by John Moore
8 - Give Us Back Our Eleven Days, by Douglas Woodruff
10 - Bewcastle Cross (part II), by Charles Aked
10 - Bewcastle Cross (poem), by Charles Aked
19 - La Torre dei Venti in Waticano, by Giovanni Paltrinieri
24 - Anemoscope and Meridian in the Tower of the Winds, by C. McVean
27 - A Dial by Richard Melville in Salisbury, Wilts, by RA Nicholls
32 - On Lunar Nomograms, by RR-J Rohr
36 - A Modern Reproduction .... Sundials, by CStJH Daniel
39 - The Canterbury Pendant, by Allan A Mills
45 - Plain Sundials, by Stuart RC Malin
50 - Book Reviews
51 - Readers Letters
52 - Foundation of Belgian Sundial Society, by Rene J Vinck

BSS Bulletin number 95.1 - February 1995

1 - Dialogue
2 - Bewcastle Cross, by Charles K Aked
9 - The London Dialmakers, by John Moore
15 - Proof of the Accuracy of the Capuchin and Regiomontanus Dials using the Polar Triangle of Navigation, by JW Findlay
18 - Bifilar Gnomonics, by Frederick W Sawyer III
27 - D6stereich Astronomischer Verein
28 - Some Early Dialling Title Pages and Illustration, by John Briggs
34 - A Medieval Ecclesiastical Sundial at Rackeve, Hungary, by Lajos Bartha and Dr. Szilvia A Holto
36 - The Theory of Equivalent Sundials, by Erwin H Overkamp
39 - Of Analemmas, Mean Time and the Analemmatic Sundial - Part II, by Frederick W Sawyer III
44 - Analemmatic Sundial, by Frederick W Sawyer III
45 - Readers Letters
50 - Book Reviews
51 - Declination Finder, by Ray Ashley
51 - The Scientific Instrument Society (SIS)

BSS Bulletin number 94.3 - October 1994

1 - Dialogue
The Queen's College Dial, Cambridge, by Charles K. Aked
This dial in Old Court measures some 7 ft. by 6 ft. It has zodiacal signs and a moon table enabling shadows cast by the moon to be converted to time. Also has lines for solar altitude, azimuth lines, sunrise time, and length of daylight hours.
The Gate of Honour, Cambridge, by Charles K. Aked
A magnificent hexagonal dial in Gonville and Caius College
10 - The Augsburg Dials, by John Moore
Sundials of all kinds, particularly universal equinoctial dials, were produced from the 17th century
14 - A Universal Nomographic Sundial, by Frederick W. Sawyer III
A modification of the traditional Capuchin dial, made from a card, a bead, a weight and a length of string
18 - The Meridian of the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna - Part II
22 - Mass Dial Group Meeting, by Frank Evans
This meeting was held at Malham, N. Yorkshire in June 1994
23 - Contemporary Mottos for Sundials, by Frederick W. Sawyer III
Thirty relevant quotations which might increase the stock of sundial mottos
24 - The Albert Park Middlesborough Sundial, by Dr. John Wall
The dial is inscribed with 8 quotations in 4 different languages
29 - The Gregorian Reformation of the Calendar, by Girolamo = Fantani
A complete description of why it was thought necessary to change = the calendar, and the exact changes which were made
32 - Windows and Balconies as Simple sundials, by Girolamo = Fantani
35 - Computer Program
36 - Lunar Distances
The lunar distance method was a strong contender for the first = practical method for determining longitude at sea, though in the end Harrison's = seagoing chronometer proved a more useful method
41 - A Sunrise-Sunset Watch, by George Foster
Detailed instructions on how to calculate Equinox and Solstice = declination lines, altitude and azimuth lines, declination lines for the first day = of each month, and the time from sunrise to sunset line.
43 - Compendium 3
44 - Readers Letters
46 -Book Reviews - Geometry in Motion, Oxford Sundials
47 - The Geometry of Sunlight, by John Lynes
49 - Compendium - Bulletin of the North American Sundial = Society
50 - The late George Robert Higgs

BSS Bulletin number 94/2 - June 1994

1 - Dialogue
2 - Of Analemmas, Mean Time and the Analemmatic Sundial, by Frederick W. Sawyer III
with special reference to the church at Brou (Ain, France)
7 - Celestial Dails: An Unusal "Nocturnal", by Girolamo Fantoni
11 - Ring Dials, by John Moore
The three main types: poke dials, equinoctial ring dials, and astronomic ring dials are described.
15 - A Not So Modern Myth, by Martin Barnes
Did IK Brunel build the Box railway tunnel near Bath so that the sun would shine directly through it on his birthday, 9th April? It is shown that the sun does shine through the tunnel at down, normally on two days a year, the 6th and 7th April.
18 - The Barley Corn Circle Measure, by Hugh H. Frnaklin
20 - Ancient Sundial Re-created and refined, by Allan Mills
Describes two sundials on the wall of the Bennett building at Leicester University
21 - Book Review: Practical Astronomy
22 - The Uranical Astrolable of John Blagrave, by Charles K. Aked
30 - An Ancient Chinese Sundial with 100 Divisions to the Day
This dial is in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (but not diplayed at present)
32 - The Meridian of the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, Part I
Describes the laying out by Cassini of the meridian line, a major feat of calculation and craftsmanship.
37 - A Large Translucent Universal Equatorial Sundial, by Maurice J Kenn
39 - The Transylvanian Analemmatic Sundial, by Robert McVean
Describes the construction of an analemmatic sundial at a school at Bradet near Sacele in Romania by a team of British volunteers
42 - Portable sundials in Ancient Rome, by Rene R-J Rohr
45 - British Sundial Society Open Award
46 - Winslow Hall Calendar Footpath, by Peter Cayley
47 - Readers Letters
50 - The Horniman Trail, by John Moir
Describes the many sundials in the grounds of the Horniman Museum in south London
52 - Secretary's Notebook

BSS Bulletin number 94.1 - February 1994

2 - Dialogue
3 - The Ivory Diptych Dial - Part 2, by John Moore
This part deals with understanding the markings
8 - A Method of determining the North and Latitude, by JG Freeman. 11 photographs, 1 diagram
An interesting experiment, suitable for a classroom experiment as an application of stereoscopic projection. 4 diagrams
9 - Sundials in Illustrations, by Charles K. Aked
13 illustrations
17 - Sun Compasses, by Michael Hickman
Sun compasses use the time to measure the direction of the sun relative to north. 2 photographs, 4 diagrams
22 - A Three-Point Sundial Construction, by Frederick W. Sawyer III
A technique based on "Projective Dialling" by William Leybourn, 1682
24 - A Table of Time Differences in Spanish Cities, by Master A. de Nebrissa
This tract was originally published in 1517.
28 - The Dialling Instruments Depicted in "The Ambassadors", by Peter I. Drinkwater
1 diagram
30 - More about the Equation of Time and the analemma, by Allan Mills
1 photograph (the analemma in the sky) and 3 diagrams
32 - The Equation of Time for the Moon, by Allan Mills
I diagram
33 - Curiosities of Dialling - Part 2, to make eccentric sundials, by Peter I. Drinkwater
from the notes of Nicholas Kratzer in the Bodleian library. 6 daigrams
35 - The Decay of Natural Building Stone, by RA Nicholls
37 - Manchester Sundial Meeting, Canadian Sundial
This meeting in October 1993 was concerned with portable dials
38 - Tables of Time relating to Watchwork, by William Derham
from "The Artificial Clockmaker" by William Derham, 1694
41 - Book Reviews - The Art of Sundial Construction, Sloneczny Pomiar Czasu (catalogue of dialling instruments in the Panstwowe Museum in Poland)
42 - Nicholas Kratzer - A short Biography
Kratser was born in 1487 and was clockmaker to King Henry VIII of England
44 - The National Trust for Scotland - Limited Edition sundial Plate
45 - New Colour Postcard Series, by A.V.Simcock
46 - Sundial Makers List, by David Young
47 - Sundial Books List, by David Young
48 - Secretary's Notebook

BSS Bulletin number 93.3 - October 1993

1 - Dialogue
2 - The Sundial on the Old Franciscan Church in Rouffach, France, by Rene R-J Rohr
A very interesting detective story to discover the meaning of a dilapidated sundial on a church in Alsace which was almost destroyed with the neighbouring abbey by the mob in 1789.
6 - Astronomy and Stonehenge, by Robert Mills
A description of how the architects of Stonehenge used it to keep track of eclipses
8 - An Introduction to the Equation of Time, by David W. Hughes
A very complete description of the Equation of Time, with 4 diagrams and 2 tables.
12 - A Triple Sundial, by F. J. de Vries
A Sundial which reads solar time, azimuth, and the astrological houses.
13 - Shepherds and Sundials, by Michael Hickman
A method of plotting the sun's altitude against time
16 - The Ivory Diptych Dial, part 1 by John Moore
Description of dials made in Dieppe and Nuremburgin the 16th and 17th centuries, with 8 photographs
20 - Some Sundials of Cambridgeshire, by Margaret Stanier
Description of 17 dials in Cambridgeshire (apart from the city of Cambridge) with 4 photographs.
22 - There's a thingey on that watsit?", by Colin Thorne
Jottings of a Big Dial Hunter
23 - Determination of Local Solar Time by Observing a Shadow on Three Occasions, by J.G. Freeman
An interesting exercise, giving greater insight into the mathematics of sundials.
24 - A Tyneside Shipyard Sundial, by Frank Evans
Description of a sundial at the Neptune Works, Walker, Newcastle-on-Tyne, with 3 photographs.
26 - Sundials Down Under, by John Ward and Margaret Folkard
28 - Description of some of the products of Sundials Australia, including the large Mount Tomah sundial, with 12 photographs.
31 - Buying a Sundial - the Ten Commandments, by M.J. Cowham
A useful guid to buying a sundial, with special emphasis on antique (and new) horizontal garden sundials
32 - Destruction by Decay, by Charles K. Aked
The accelerating deterioration of ancient scratch dials, with 8 photographs
39 - A Memorial Dial in Swindon, Wiltshire, by Colin McVean
A memorial dial in Swindon Town Gardens, with 1 photograph
39 - A New Analemmatic Dial at Leicester, by Colin McVean
A dial where the observer acts as the gnomon, at the Museum of Technology, with 1 photograph.
40 - Biflar Gnomonics, by F.J. de Vries
41 - Book Reviews
42 - Letters to the Editor
44 - Secretary's Notebook

A listing of journal articles in Dutch is given in Tijdschriften - Nederlands

A summary of a typical issue of ANALEMMA, issued by the Spanish Sundial Society, is given below

NO. 17 (May-Agust, 1996):

In this article Mr Valdes is going on with one of his favourite things: the hours of the Monks prayers. Now he tryes to investigate the hour-by-hour working and praying timetable, settle by St. Benedict of Nursia about the year 1120, and later adopted by others religious Communitis. But those rules were hardly suitable for the monastic life in higher latitudes, so the ought to be changed, becoming more permissive as for the praying, working, and resting time. He also states that sundials were not all effective in those high-latitude Monasteries, so the Monks had to make use of others devises to know the time, besides the "Mass-Dials".
This incongous name is applied to a really ingenious system suitable to design declining sundials. With the aid of a metric ribbon graduated with linear values of tangent and cosinus (a ribbon computer, says humourly the Author)dials declining up to 70 deg can be designed with accuracy, in only a few minutes and without any mathematic calculus. We think it is a very original and convenient method not found before in the classic gnomonic books. Furthermore, in spite of its name you donīt need any sartorial ability!
The Architect C.E Esteve Secall presents us a comprehensive description of the sundial found at the Real Monasterio de San Jeronimo. It is a triface dial now provided with three orthogonal gnomons, which could not be the original ones. On one face there is a West declining quadrant, while the other one is declining East. Construction year was 1763 and it is signed by Airaldo, perhaps a Latinised form of Ayrald or Ayrault, a Frech Vicar who was a presumed victim of the French Revolution. We think that this sundial has never been reported up to ow, so we congratulate Mr Esteve for his contribution to the history of sundials in Spain.
Juan de Arfe Villafaņe was a reputed sculptor, goldsmith, and architect who wrote in 1585 the well known "Varia Commmesuracion para Escultura y Arquitectura". This was a long-lasting book, since it was reprinted and reedited many times, the last one as late as 1773. A best-sellerby today standards (See ANALEMA No.5. All along the book we can find a great number of versified rules-of-thumb. P.Dantillo inserts some of those padding verses found in Chapter IV, dedicated to sundials.
A short repertoire of formulae useful to convert horizontal to equatorial coordinates, and vice versa.
In past issues of ANALEMA A. de Vicente has published many articles about the application of vectorial calculus to gnomonic problems. Now he has made a systematic remake of those articles and offers us a revival of vectors gliding out by his beloved triedres associated to the Sun, Earth and Celeste Axis. This is the first article on his new vectorial theory, a delight for the masterly mathematics-minded people and a thriller (to be continued...) for the rest of the commoners.
A day-to-day table of Solar Declination and Time Equation values for the year 1997. It includes also the Moon phases. As in preceding years it has been computer-calculated by our ubiquitous dialist M.M. Valdes.

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