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British Sundial Society - membership

The British Sundial Society now has its own website at

The British Sundial Society welcomes members from all over the world. As at 1 November, we have 600 members, mainly individual ones with some family members and some corporatemembers. Some 450 of our members are in the UK, with 70 in Europe, 70 in the USA, and the others from many other parts of the world. So there will be a warm welcome for you!

The benefits of membership include 3 issues of the "Bulletin" of the British Sundial Society, which has 52 pages in each issue covering many different aspects of the sundials and dialling. There are also one or two Newsletters a year, an Annual Meeting held over a weekend in the summer, with talks and displays of sundials, and the opportunity to meet others interested in sundials and to discuss common problems.

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