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How to join your national sundial society

List of national sundial societies

Austria -
Arbeitsgruppe Sonnenuhren - (Gnomonicae Societas Austriaca) - Austrian Sundial Society
Sonnenstrasse 24, A-6800 Feldkirch, Austria
Belgium - Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen - Belgian Sundial Society
Oeverstraat 12, B-9150 Rupelmonde, Belgium
British Sundial Society
Catalonia, Spain - Societat Catalana de Gnomonica - Catalan Sundial Society
c/ Motors 122, E-08040 Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain.   
France - Commission des cadrans solaires of the Societé Astronomique de France
3, rue Beethoven, 75016 Paris, France
Hungary - Hungarian Sundial Society
Contact details not known
Italy - Guppo Milanese Quadranti Solari - GQMS - The Milan Sundials Group
Netherlands - De Zonnenwijzerkring - Dutch Sundial Society
van Gorkumlaan 39, 5641 WN Eindhoven, Netherlands
North America - North American Sundial Society (NASS)
8 Sachem Drive, Glastonbury, CT 06033 USA
Quebec - Commission des cadrans solaires du Quebec
42 av. de la Brunante, Outremont (Montreal), Quebec H3T 1R4 Canada
Spain - Asociacion Española de Amigos del los Relojes de Sol - Spanish Sundial Society
M. Lombardero, Isaac Peral 48, 28040 Madrid, Spain
Switzerland - Sonnenuhrenfreunde der Region Basel (SFB) - Basel Sundial Society
F. Muhlemann, Lebernring 4, CH-4107 Ettingen, Switzerland

Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen

- Belgian Sundial Society

The objectives of the Belgian Sundial society are:

to promote interest in sundials and to encourage and assist in the design and making of sundials

to locate and catalogue existing sundials in Flanders and, where necessary, to assist in their restoration

to offer special events, publications, and other activities related to sundials

British Sundial Society

The British Sundial Society is the largest in the world, with many overseas members. We publish our Bulletin three times a year, and publish an excellent guide for schools or novices Make a Sundial. We welcome new members; you can join us very easily by filling in your application form on bssjoin.htm. We have specialist sub-groups on mass dials and on restoration. Each year, we have an annual meeting with many interesting speakers (the last one was held in Cumbria in April 1997), and a number of other meetings and workshops. We have sponsored a Sundial Award scheme in order to promote awareness of sundials and to encourage good design.

Catalan Sundial Society

Associació d'estudis del rellotge de sol i de la mesura del temps

The Society, founded 1988, publishes a journal "La Busca de Paper" (The Gnomon of Paper) which is biligual (Catalan and Spanish). It is issued 3 times a year and has 40 A4 pages about all aspects of sundials. .

Guppo Milanese Quadranti Solari - GQMS

The Milan Sundials Group

The Milan Sundials Group is charged with relations with foreign sundial associations by the Unione Astrofili Italiana.

De Zonnewijzerkring

( The Dutch Sundial Society )

Aims of De Zonnewijzerkring:

  1. - study of GNOMONICS
  2. - register the Sundials in the Netherlands
  3. - restoration of existing dials
  4. - publishing about

The membership:

The yearly contribution is f 45.- + an entrance fee of f 15.-.
To become a member send an E-mail to the secretary.

The Bulletin:

The bulletin with articles by the members is published three times a year.
Two regular subjects are:
  • - literature
  • - Sundials in the Netherlands

Meetings and Excursion

Three times a year (on a Saturday afternoon a meeting is held.
Once a year an excursion is made to a part of the country with interesting sundials.

Address of the secretary:

Van Gorkumlaan 39
5641 WN Eindhoven
Homepage van Fer J. de Vries

North American Sundial Society

The North American Sundial Society is an association of people from a wide variety of disciplines who are interested in the study, development, history, and preservation of sundials and the art of dialling throughout the continent. We now have our own website at

The North American Sundial Society is an association (convened in 1994) for those who view the sundial as something more than a simple garden decoration. There was a time, not that long ago, when an appreciation of dials in all their various forms was an integral part of the scientific and mathematical training of any well-educated person.

NASS hearkens back to such a time and offers sundial enthusiasts at all levels of expertise an opportunity to learn, to interact, and to exchange ideas and information.

As essayist Hilaire Belloc once noted:

"Civilisation loses its treasures by an unconscious process. It has lost them before it has appreciated that they were in the way of being lost: and when I say 'its treasures' I mean the special discoveries and crafts of mankind."

Dialling is fast becoming a lost art and a forgotten science. By participating in NASS you can slow this unconscious process and even help to regain and advance the forgotten science.

The Society was convened in February 1994 by Ross McCluney, Fred Sawyer and Bob Terwilliger in the hope of fostering communication and coordination among dialists. Recognizing that many of its members are already associated with one or more of its European counterparts, the Society has adopted a role which complements the work already being done by other organizations.

The Society produces a quarterly journal in both print and digital formats. The digital edition is produced using Neobook Pro (TM). Requirements for the digital edition include an IBM compatible computer with 640K RAM, VGA color, MS-DOS 3.1 and a hard disk. A Logitech or Microsoft compatible mouse is also recommended.

We also hold an annual convention to which all of our more than 250 members are invited. Our first meeting was in 1995 at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. Our next meeting is on 27-28 September 1996 at Victoria College in the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Join now! Participate! Discover new concepts; share your favourite ideas, techniques and sources. Whether you design, construct, study, collect, or simply enjoy dials, it all comes together in the North American Sundial Society !

For more information, please contact Frederick W. Sawyer III, 8 Sachem Drive, Glastonbury, CT 06033 USA (fax: 203-275 5295 email:

Commission des cadrans solaires du Quebec

The society was founded on 18 June, 1994. There are now around 50 members. We are publishing a Newsletter: Bulletin de liaison - LE GNOMONISTE. We are also working on a repertoire of sundials in Quebec, and have 224 listed so far. We have one meeting a year; the meeting last year was on 15 June 1996 at Laval University, Quebec City.

To join (there is no fee) please contact the Secretaire General, Andre Bouchard, 42, av. de la Brunante, Outremont (Montreal), Quebec, H3T 1R4, Canada tel: 514-341-3997, fax: 514-341-3997, E-mail: mentioning "Sundials on the Internet".

Please visit our Internet site at http://cadrans_solaires.scg.ulaval.cawhich is illustrated with many sundials.

- Asociacion Española de Amigos del los Relojes de Sol
(Spanish Sundial Society)

The aim of the Society is the development of the historical, geographical and mathematical research related to sundials.

A meeting is held in Madrid every Thursday. The Society issues the quarterly bulletin "ANALEMMA" in Spanish with short abstracts in English.

Membership is free. However, to receive "ANALEMMA" a subscription is necessary. The subscriptions are on a calendar year basis. For foreign members, the fee is $35 (including shipping and mailing expenses). The recommended way of sending the fees is to mail a check payable to "Asociacion Española de Amigos del los Relojes de Sol" drawn on any Spanish bank. Please send your application to the Secretary, M. Lombardero, Isaac Peral 48, 28040 Madrid, Spain

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