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Can you help us by writing a sundial trail?

We have had a lot of generous help in providing sundial trails for places all over the world. You will find a list of them on our sunlist.htm page. They are quite easy to write for an area near to your home, or somewhere you have been on holdiay.

Imagine you have a friend who is interested in sundials coming to stay with you. Where would you take them for a morning, or maybe a whole day, to see sundials. Would you walk in a city (like the Winchesteror Paris trail), or drive in the country like the Oxfordshire or East Sussex trails , or even go on a bicycle (like the Ottawa trail!

You can write a Sundial Trail in any language you like! We are actively looking for trails inlanguages other than English.

So, if you would like to contribute to "Sundials on the Internet" in this way, please read some of the others, think of what directions you would like to help you to find the sundials easily, and send the results to us by Email at Your name will appear, with our thanks, on the posted Sundial Trail.

Thank you for your help!

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