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We would like to include links to any other sites of interest you know about. If they are your own site, we would ask you to put in a reciprocal link as described on our links page.
  • Franz Maes sundial site has pictures of lots of lovely sundials in the Netherlands and around the world
  • Time Zone Master is a new (and free) programme of great interest to everyone interested in sundials - and to a much wider public. For sunddiallers, it gives you clock time (corrected for daylight saving), the equation of time, the longitude correction, and local apparent time (solar time/sundials time) for locations all over the world. And you can select any date past or future for this information. It also gives a wide range of astronomical information about the sun, the moon and its phases, and the equinoxes and solstices. This programme is a must!
  • Relojes de Sol is a large site in Spanish by Paquita Vecina Romero. It has extensive descriptions of the types of sundials and their history, together with interesting photo-galleries of sundials in the provinces of Cadiz and of Malaga, and a selection from other parts of Spain and other countries. There is also a sundial tour of Florence

  • Clocks Magazine
    The monthly magazine for clock collectors, repairers and makers worldwide

  • Société Suisse de Chronométrie (SSC)- Swiss Society of Chronometry
    We are pleased to let you know that the Swiss Society of Chronometry has set a new Internet site at providing informations on their activities, namely the Congresses which they organize.
    In a little time we will have an English version of SSC service available at the same address.
    B. Chapuis CENTREDOC Rue Jaquet-Droz 1 2007 Neuchâtel, Switzerland tel +41 32-720 51 31 fax +41 32-720 57 51 (e-mail

  • Astrolabes are related both astronomically and historically to sundials. This is a new web site which explains the basic principles, uses and history of the astrolabe.

    Another interesting site is

  • CLOCKS and TIME by Gordon Uber which provides a launching point to a whole different area of knowledge.

  • A site in German with some interesting pictures is

  • USA - Illinois - Pekin Here in Pekin Illinois USA we have a sun dial consisting of nine short analema and one great analema for noon. The great one indicates the months days and lots more. It occupies a space about 40 meters long and 30 meters wide. (guesses). Each short analema indicates the hour begging at 8 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m. In addition we have a model of Uranus which is part of the worlds largest planetary exhibit. The sun and other planets are located in cities nearby. I will be glad to supply more detail on request. Pekin Illinois is located approx 40 deg 29 min North and 89 deg 40 min West. - Thanks to Harry H Bowen

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