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Forthcoming sundials

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This page was established in April 1999 to carry brief details of sundials which are planned or under construction. If you would like to suggest an entry for such a sundial, please send an Email to with "Forthcoming sundial (for posting)" in the subject line. Please be sure to read the details for these arrangements at the foot of this page

The Pinawa Heritage Sundial Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada

This will be a horizontal sundial approximately 10m square with a 5m gnomon located in the centre of Pinawa near the Winnipeg River. The dial is a project of the Specials Projects Group of the Pinawa Community Development Corporation. It is intended to be both a millennium project and a project to enhance tourism in the area. It will incorporate 12 icons which will depict the history of the region. The sundial is being designed by Carl Sabanski in co-operation with local artists. The dial web site is:
posted 6 Mar 2000

Polar sundial at Blackfriars, London

A sundial commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers is to be presented to the City of London Corporation, and will be erected later this year on Paul's Walk, which runs along the north bank of the river downstream from Balckfriars Bridge. The sundial plinth is to be made from exactly 2,000 bricks, cantilevered at an angle of 51.5 degrees to the vertical. On the upper surface is a stainless steel gnomon sub-assembly which will indicate the time in 10 minute intervals. The sundial was designed by Piers Nicholson
This sundial has now been built - see our New Dials and London Thames sundial trail pages
posted 15 April 1999

We very much welcome details of forthcoming sundials for this page. Postings for this page may be of up to 100 words. They should include a link to a picture of the site of the sundial, located on your own personal web space or some other web site. (There is no space for them on "Sundials on the Internet". Postings should include the name of the designer and the name of the person or organisation commissioning the sundial. The name of the designer can be linked to their entry on the "Sunfair" page or "Personals" page if they have one. Postings will be maintained for 4 months; you must undertake not to move any of the linked images during this time. The exact wording you want should be sent in the body of an Email to with "Forthcoming sundials (for posting)" in the subject line.

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