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The Bulletin is published three times each year at the beginning of February, June and October. Advertising copy must be received by the Advertising Manager (or instructions to repeat previous copy) no later than the 3rd of the month prior to publication.


Instructions accompanying copy must state the size of the final print and the number of entries required.

Black and white only, all text in the English language.

  1. The preferred medium is positive film, emulsion down, right reading, 150 hdpi screen frequency.
  2. Bromide photo print, as large as possible but not exceeding A4. Pictures and diagrams must not have been used previously for printing i.e. not screened.
    (NB there will be a supplementary charge of 10 for copy supplied in this form).
  3. On computer disk in Quark XPress; Word; Pagemaker, in graphics format.
    All graphics should be around 300 dpi in full size to ensure quality of print reproduction. Before submitting copy in this form please check with the Advertising Manager for the available fonts.
Size Width x Height (mm)
Whole page 180 x 262
Half page horiz. 180 x 125
Half page vert. 84 x 262
Quarter page 84 x 125
Eighth page 84 x 56.5
Dimensions inclusive of margins, 15 mm top and sides, 20 mm bottom.


Quantity required 600, despatched direct to the BULLETIN Editor. Your instructions and payment must be sent at the same time to the Advertising Manager.



The Newsletter is published three times each year on the same dates as the Bulletin and is sent with it to all members.
The Newsletter generally runs to four sides of A4 paper and Small Ads are incorporated in it.
Copy for all issues, or instructions to use previous copoy, must be received by the Advertising Manager by the 3rd of the month prior to publication.


  • Text only.
  • In the English language
  • Type written or clear hand writing.
  • Maximum 50 words.
  • All advertisements must, in addition, include the name, full address and telephone number of the advertiser.


    By cheque in UK pounds sterling drawn on a UK bank or by Eurocheque made out in UK pounds sterling.
    Other methods may be accepted on the prior agreement of the Advertising Manager.
    Payment must accompany copy or be received at the latest by the 3rd of the month prior to publication.
    All Cheques to be made payable to "The British Sundial Society".
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    Copy together with payment and any special instructions should be sent to the Advertising Manager.

    BULLETIN Editor :-

    Dr M W Stanier, 70 High Street, Swaffham Prior, Cambridge. CB5 0LD


    Mr J Churchill, 55 Rushington Avenue, Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 1BY
    Tel 01628 627382

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