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to the people who need your services

by Advertising what you have to offer

in the BSS Bulletin and Newsletter


(Black & White only)
Whole page (180 mm X 262 mm) 160
Half page, Horizontal (180 mm X 125 mm) 80
Half page, Vertical (84 mm X 262 mm) 80
Quarter page (84 mm X 125 mm) 45
Eighth page (84 mm X 56.5 mm) 25
Dimensions inclusive of margins, 15 mm top & sides, 20 mm bottom

NEWSLETTER SMALL ADS: Only 20 p per word

Minimum 25 words, maximum 50, plus 1.00 for name, address and 'phone number.


A batch of 600 (max size A4) 'fliers' supplied by
advertiser for insertion into the BULLETIN 50
A4 'fliers' printed from copy supplied (black & white only)
Single sided 70: Double sided 90

Remaining dates for 1999

Copy Publication
3rd September 1st week of October

For bookings, please contact:

J L Churchill, 55 Rushington Avenue, MAIDENHEAD, Berks., SL6 1BY
Telephone: (01628) 627382

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