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Sussex Coast sundial trail


This is a selection of dials to see in the area surrounding Brighton and Hove all accessible by public transport. I have included a grid reference if you wish to locate them on a map and travel by car, but the best way is to pick up a bus timetable and an all-day bus ticket.

Many thanks to Jackie Jones for providing this sundial trail.

1. St Andrew's church, Bishopstone TQ472010. This Anglo-Saxon dial is on the south wall, over the apex of the porch; it dates from about AD 950. It is carved in stone with a metal gnomon, it does not tell the time, but divides the daylight hours into equal portions; these are longer in the summer than winter.
2. St Andrew's church, Bishopstone TQ472010. 20m south east of the chancel, this metal dial dates from about 1950. It is in memory of the Reverend William Squirrell, died 1947, and his wife Cecilia who died in 1950.

3. St Wulfran's church, Ovingdean TQ356035. A brass horizontal dial on a plinth. It is a cast 20th century dial replacement for an original dial which dated from 1882.
4. St Michael's church, South Malling TQ412110. This memorial dial on the wall of the church is metal and believed to be a replacement.

5. 221 Cliff High Street, Lewes (insert picture Cliff High Street) TQ419103. This dial is made of metal and dates from1824.

6. 182 High Street, Lewes TQ415101. This dial, on the court building, dates from 1717. It is partially shaded in the afternoon by the roof overhang.

7. 51 Upper Lewes Road, Brighton TQ318057. Painted dial on front of house above door. Designed by Jackie Jones in 2008 and shows declination lines for the equinoxes, solstices and 1st May (wedding anniversary).
8. 111 Queen's Road, Brighton TQ309045. This slate and metal dial dates from 1897 and was renovated in 2008. It shows the time from 7am to 6pm.

9. St Augustine's Church, Stanford Avenue, Brighton This sundial is in a fine-grained sandstone with a brass gnomon. The motto reads "The night cometh when no man can work".

10. St Helen's Church, Hangleton TQ266073. A stone polar cross dial in memory of Henry Willett who died in 1905.

11. Foredown Tower, Foredown Road, Hove TQ265 055. A metal west-facing dial, dating from 1999. Shows the time from 1 - 8pm.
12. Southwick Community Centre, 24 Southwick Street TQ245055. In memory of Mr Baxter and Mr Penny who founded the centre in 1945.

13. St Mary's Church, Shoreham-by-Sea TQ216052. A stone and bronze dial on the church wall.

14. Coronation Green, Shoreham-by-Sea TQ215055. An analemmatic dial installed in 2002 and designed by Tarmount Community Artists in stainless steel and resin. The gnomon is a person standing on a month marker.