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My favourite sundials in the Netherlands

This listing is drawn from the Web page of Fer J de Vries who also has photographs of all the sundials listed here.

Huize van Loon, Amsterdam
A multi-faced dial from 1578

A slightly inclined dial in Breda. Width 10 meters

A modern sundial (1982)

A very beautiful dial made in 1731.

A spherical dial marked in quarter-hours.

Jorwerd, Friesland
This dial is dated 1621, but it only catches the sun for part of
the day because of its placement on the wall

Jacobi church, Utrecht
The oldest dated sundial in the Netherlands with a polestyle (1621)

Another multi-faced dial

A sundial for blind children. an electronic device gives a beep when
the equatorial disk is turned into the right position relative to the sun.

A modern dial. 2 equal sided triagnles form the base for the dialplate and for
the shadow casting device
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