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Sundial Mailing List

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Sundials on the Internet is not equipped to answer technical questions about sundials. If you have such a question, the first thing you should do is to check through the list of pages on our home page and our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to make sure it is not already answered. Over half the queries we get, the answers are already available on existing pages!

If you can't find the answer there, the best thing to do is to subscribe to the very useful sundial mailing list, which is available to exchange information and answer queries.

This mailing list is for all who are interested in sundials and gnomonics. It was founded in February 1996 and survived till this day in this rapidly changing era for media. Many people from all over the world joined this list and contributed many, many valuable e-mails!

Sundial experts have subscribed and may assist you with your problems or questions. If you have information for other dialists, please post it to the list, e.g. if there is a new book about sundials. As long as a discussion might be interesting to other gnomonists please keep it up public i.e. make a copy to sundial(at)

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the sundial mailing list, just visit the web page and follow the instructions at the bottom.

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