Making sure the Internet works for you

More people will see your website than will see your staff, your literature, or your products. So it pays to make it good!

"Good" means looking good - and a lot more! It has to work for you - to carry your message out, to get feedback in, or to make sales. It also has to work for visitors to your site - and this means giving them information which is useful to them, whether or not they are part of your key target audience

Internetworks is unusual amongst web design companies in that we not only design web pages but we also operate a number of large websites, some owned by us and some by clients. So we have a lot of experience of how to make web pages attractive to search engines, and thus get the traffic your site needs.

Internetworks can give you essential help in designing your pages, in advising on the content most appropriate for the Internet, and in making your site known across the Internet We believe that websites should be fully comprehensive, informative, and accurate. We have relatively few graphics because we want you to be able to get at the information quickly and easily. We could go on, but our approach is much better illustrated by our work, listed out with links below, and by testimonials received from our clients. If you like what you see there, we can do the same for you - please get in touch with Piers Nicholson.

Please contact us on by phone on 0207 587 0257, by fax on 01 372 747 767 or by Email at if you would like to discuss your requirements with us.