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De Zonnewijzerkring

( The Dutch Sundial Society )

Aims of De Zonnewijzerkring:

1 - study of GNOMONICS
2 - register the Sundials in the Netherlands
3 - restoration of existing dials
4 - publishing about GNOMONICS

The membership:

The yearly contribution is f 45.- + an entrance fee of f 15.-.
To become a member send an E-mail to the secretary.

The Bulletin:

The bulletin with articles by the members is published three times a year.
Two regular subjects are:
- literature
- Sundials in the Netherlands

Meetings and Excursion

Three times a year (on a Saturday afternoon a meeting is held.
Once a year an excursion is made to a part of the country with interesting sundials.

Address of the secretary:

Van Gorkumlaan 39
5641 WN Eindhoven
Homepage van Fer J. de Vries

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